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00# extreme pressure lithium base grease
Detailed Introduction
This product is made from fatty acid lithium soap and refined mineral oil.
Performance characteristics
The good pumpability
The exhibits excellent lubrication properties
The good water resistance and corrosion resistance.
Use scope
The equipment is suitable for all kinds of lubrication and lubrication system of concrete pump truck, reducer, gear box and other friction parts.
The temperature of -20 DEG C and 120 C
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Typical data
Project Typical data test method
No. 0 No. 00 No. 000
Work cone penetration, 0.1mm 368 414 460 GB/T269
Dropping point 175 160 160 GB/T4929
Corrosion (No. 45 steel, 100 DEG C, 3H) qualified qualified qualified SH/T0331