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MP-3 advanced lithium base grease
Detailed Introduction
This product is made of 12 hydroxy stearic acid lithium soap, which is used to refine the high viscosity paraffinic base oil, and is added with anti oxidant, anti rust and other additives
Performance characteristics
Using soap hydroxyl fatty acid lithium thickening technology, products with excellent mechanical stability, structural stability, the use of dilute and loss is not easy
The lubrication properties, has excellent high and low temperature performance and long service life
Adopts imported tackifier, has good adhesion to the metal surface
The excellent anti rust performance, prevent corrosion of metal surface friction
Application scope
Lubricated wheel bearings, chassis, motor, water pump friction parts suitable for medium heavy vehicle \ \'s sliding, is also applicable to all kinds of machinery and equipment of rolling friction parts
The use of the temperature of -20 DEG C and 120 C
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Typical data
Project Typical data test method
No. 2 No. 3
Appearance Red smooth ointment Visual
Work cone penetration, 0.1mm 274 233 GB/T269
Dropping point 181 182 GB/T4929
Steel net oil (100 DEG C, 30h),% 3.8 1.1 SH/T0324
Corrosion (T2 copper, 100 DEG C, 24h) qualified qualified GB/T7326
Corrosion resistance (52 DEG C, 48h), grade 1 1 GB/T5018